A Feckless Speck (A collaboration)


Bad days outweighs,

Loneliness coats my skin like paint

All over, often I fail to wash,

It shadows me like dark clouds: menacing and harsh,

My existence is hollow,

My mark unremarkable on this world,

So what was it worth?


I dreamt to love true but

It was only chimerical, love

True as it can be and was for others,

My feckless being is undeserving.


As I gaze upon the sky

I can’t help but wonder why

Is it written in the stars,

that my life should be this plain?

In this desert mind of mine

am I destined to burden pain?

Yes I question, I do question.

Will I ever find a home,

despite you, despite them

am I intended to be alone?



A second Collaboration with the talented individual who is a writer, poet and soon to be youtuber. There he will share his art of expression in form of spoken words. If you liked this piece, please visit his page and support him.

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