Greyed rainbows ( A collaboration)


Hear my call, there is a void I need to fill

In my chest its branded, concaved, and deep

Perhaps the sunlight out there

Greyed the darkness in me

Perhaps the spring out there

Blossomed rotting, ugly flowers in me,


Where am I going? I search for me

To where I belong? I searched in you


I was blind, all was bright

It was the sun, it stole my sight


Suffocating me, no longer is my


A gaudy


fuzzes my vision


but we all fight battles


Dazed I stumble, weak now humbled

In my head I am naked, confused I’m lost


I find myself inhaling deep breaths

A lump often finds its way


When did it shift? I search for me

When did we sail adrift? I searched in you



I would want to resist


I knew there was light down under


I am blind, but there’s no light

I know you’re not the sun, I know I wasn’t right


My rainbow stands radiant awaiting me

The other side beckons for me

The lit rooms blind me

Perhaps I will reconsid—


I fade away


A sea of obscurity and vile murk

Encompassing and embracing in me.


I hereby present my very first collaboration. This piece is so special to me because of the wonderful person I had the pleasure to create it with. Somehow, we managed to comprehend each other’s style and effortlessly weave a poem. Thank you so much essentiallydonut for this experience. Please do visit his blog and check out more of his talented work.


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